For Asset Managers

Our Asset Manager partners love NoteRehabber because we make it easy for you to unload your non-performing loans. From the ease of transactions to consistent and reliable follow-through, we stand by our word and can be counted on in big deals and small.

We Specialize in Non-Performing Loans

Non-performing loans are the biggest threat to the financial stability of an institution. According to the Financial Stability Institute, even over the course of just 90 days, an asset manager can lose thousands in interest income, profitability, and regulatory capital on non-performing loans. We provide our asset manager partners relief from the burden of non-performing loans while simultaneously helping asset managers transform poor quality assets into opportunities for financial gain. Our goal is to ensure our asset manager partners have a reliable source of relief anytime a poor quality asset is identified.

Asset Manager Benefits

Easy Transactions

You’re busy, we’re busy – we don’t waste time nickel-and-diming the banks.

Our goal is to create mutual benefit and relieve you of your non-performing loans.

Confident Closing

Our word is our bond. While we wish the days of handshake deals were still alive and well, we understand many asset managers struggle to find buyers who won’t back out of a deal at the last minute. That’s why we take care to uphold our promises from start to close.

No Such Thing as “Bad”

Where other real estate investing firms fear the “bad” non-performing loans, we know there’s always a positive outcome that can be had. We’ll work with you to create a deal that allows you to break free from your worst notes.

Stay Savvy

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